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X Factor Prom

If you’re anything like us you’ll be watching the X Factor religiously at the moment. It’s totally over the top in every way; the drama, the clothes, the spectacle. Basically, it’s everything a prom should be!

And that got us thinking…Why not do an X Factor themed prom?

Imagine it; you walk into a darkened room decorated in shimmering silver, red and black, the walls up-lit with spotlights. You could have huge Xs on the walls and they’d be so easy to make out of card and foil. Remember, people aren’t going to be looking close up, it’s about the first WOW when everybody comes in.

The entertainment is where things get really good. For a start, you’re going to be playing music that everybody likes anyway because X Factor is all about pop(ular) music. Why not take it up a notch by having some of your more talented classmates perform a few songs? It would be really cool to have a teacher dress up like Simon Cowell and then you could have judging of the performances too. Everyone get’s a laugh at the teacher’s expense and you’ve just put your prom entertainment on a whole new level!

A huge part of any prom is the fashion and this is where you can tie things in with the show. We’re still at the stage when Cher, Katie & co. aren’t yet bona fide celebs which means you can buy most of what they’re wearing on the high street. Have a look below for some of our X Factor fashion inspired tips for guys and girls.

John looked amazing the other night in what would have been a simple white jeans and shirt if he hadn’t paired it with a great dark blue jacket that pulls it away from trashy and turns it classy.
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Converse
Shirt and Jacket: Hugo Boss
(ok thats out of our price range but Topman have a similar shirt for a tenner right now and their smart section has amazing jackets)

Cher was rocking a new punk look that’s bang on trend with the harem pants and cheap to copy
Jacket: Any retro store
Tshirt: Little Fox
Harem Pants: Marios at Top Shop

Who’d have guessed that Cheryl would look good in an LBD. Get the look on the high street for just £22(!!) at ASOS; how good does this dress look?

So guys, what do you think? Best prom theme ever? Stupidest idea you’ve ever heard?

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