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Where have all the Prom Queens gone?

Think of any movie with a prom scene and chances are at some point you’ll get a couple chosen as Prom King & Queen. They both get sashes, the girl gets a tiara, the guy gets a crown-you know how it works.

So why isn’t this popular in our homegrown proms?

There’s the risk it can turn into a popularity contest where the most beautiful have their status made explicit. The hot girl who’s metaphorically reigned over the less glamorous kids gets to literally reign over his class mates for one night in an orgy of self adulation. This kind of thing is why so many of us think about skipping prom altogether.

It doesn’t have to be like this though, why not have the Prom King and Queen chosen for being popular for the right reasons. I bet the most pulchritudinous (i.e. fit!) aren’t the people you’d actually like to be successful in future.

We need new a new type of prom royal family with people awarded for talent. Give the guy who’s had a hard-time and turned out well a crown, the girl whose been training as a singer while still at school should get the tiara.

What do you guys think?

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