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Tips to fit into your dress

Ok, so prom is coming up. It’s maybe a month away? Two months? You’ve bought an amazing prom dress that you spent hours begging your mum to buy but now it seems like your prom is just around the corner it’s a tiny bit too tight. Come on, lets admit it, we all do it. We buy something a little bit too small saying to ourselves we’ll loose a little weight before the big day.

This is mad, we girls need to stop doing it to ourselves. Who cares if you have to buy a dress a size bigger?

Well unfortunately we all do but instead of doing a crazy prom diet, here at promalholics we’re going to suggest the top five ways to loose a little weight before prom, sensibly. And then we’ll look at the those crazy celebs and see what extreme diets they do before a big event i.e what you shouldn’t do!

Drum-roll please……

We present you with…..

Promaholic Top 5 Tips to loose a little:

1. If possible walk to school, or to the bus stop instead of getting a lift from Mum or Dad. If you are no where near school, make sure you put more effort into sports class , really try to make yourself sweat.
2. Lent may be over but you still need to cut out your naughty vices, ours is crisps, yours may be choccies. Whatever it is, eat less of them before prom.
3. Get your friends round and have a dance, not only can you compare moves for prom but it’s good exercise for you.
4. At the weekend go for a bike ride or go swimming. Ask someone in your family to come for a run with you; exercise is always more bearable when you have company. Try not to spend more than an hour in front of the TV on both Saturday and Sunday.
5. And finally, this may sound silly but try not and think about it. The more you stress the more you’ll slip up. If you get upset you may turn to food for comfort or you may go the other way and over exercise so by the time it gets to prom you’re soooo tired you can’t enjoy yourself.

Crazy celeb top 5 nutty tips:

1.Singer and actress Beyonce Knowles lost 20-pounds for the movie “Dreamgirls” using a diet where she swallowed nothing but a concoction of lemon juice mixed with maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper, as well as salt water and a laxative tea for 10 days. ehhh yuk, isn’t that basically just starving yourself?
2. Tiny pop princess Kylie has been known to do the Grapefruit Diet. You are meant to eat half a grapefruit before every meal which doesn’t sound too bad apart from the fact that grapefruits are gross but you are also meant to only eat minuscule meals after that. No thank you!
3. We all know vegetables are good for us but certain celebs take this a little too far. Demi Moore for example went through a stage of just eating raw veggies,but she went as far as to extend it to raw meat (gag).It’s a silly diet because a) It’s been connected to things like nausea, kidney and liver problems, and even eye infections(not a good look for prom) and b) some components of fruits and vegetables are better absorbed if cooked.
4. This one is just plain gaga. Super sweet Reese Witherspoon followed a baby food diet, eating less than 600 calories per day, gulp. We think it’s time for her to grow up, don’t you?
5. And finally, the scariest skinny celeb of all, Victoria Beckham. Want to know why she’s so skinny? Hmm let me think… maybe because she eats pretty much nothing! She’s been reported to live on a diet of soya beans, strawberries, and lettuce, and to drink two pints of algae and a seaweed shake every day. Delicious!

So, if you want to loose a little weight, please do it sensibly. Remember it’s a celeb’s job to look good. It’s your job to finish school being healthy and happy (preferably with a fit boyfriend) and to have a wicked prom night. Happy eating and happy prom!

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