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The worst prom fashion yet? Duct tape dresses…

Americans have been running proms for longer than us so it’s perhaps inevitable that their prom fashion has become more extreme as students try to stand out. DIY prom dresses of all sorts are popular in the States and there’s one style that pops up time and time again; the duct tape prom dress. Or as we might say, the gaffer tape gown. In case you’re unfamiliar with this ‘fashion’, here’s a picture that’s pretty typical of the look.

duck tape prom dress

Oh yeah, it's SUPER comfortable!

Incredibly this couple won $6,000 dollars for that outfit. In what must be the zenith of tenuous marketing campaigns, the US company Duck Tape run an annual competition encouraging students to make their prom dress out of duct tape giving out $17,000 in prizes in the process. A DIY prom dress tends to be a great idea, but this…not so much. Just think of how uncomfortable it must be wearing one all night and duct tape isn’t exactly breathable material so expect to feel pretty sweaty if you go for one of these mad designs. If you look at the profiles over at the website you can get a better idea about how much work went into them and it’s no mean feat. This years winners spent 300 hours making their costume and for the poor girl even suffered the indignity of wearing duct tape hair extensions. You read that right, duct tape hair extensions. Words fail so have a good laugh at pictures of this years entrants instead!

alternative prom dress

Definitely repping the States in this number

funny prom dress

I'm worried someone will have the same dress as me

alternative prom dresses

We're like, totally butterflys

bad prom dress

Stripes are like, SO unflattering!

ugly prom dress

Wellys and Umbrella. The hot prom look of 2010!

Got a picture of a duct tape dress to prove us wrong? Let us know below!

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  1. c says:

    these are amazing!!! i wish i did this for my prom 😀 def want to make one someday it’s insane

  2. You really chose some very bad examples here, i like the selection of the pictures a lot.

    Kiss Diana

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