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Planning & Organising: The Team

The most important factor in making your prom or ball go well and the organisation go smoothly is a diligent team that can work well together. This section will help you decide who you need and what roles to allocate.

Team Members

Who you choose to organise your ball is critical. It can take a very long time to properly plan a prom so it’s important to choose people with sufficient free time and willpower to last it out. Your team members need to be hard-working, proactive and be confident in meetings and on the telephone.
So as to avoid deadlock situations if voting on issues, assemble a team with an odd number of people. 3 is ideal but 7 is not unknown and some wonderful evenings have been orchestrated completely single-handedly… but that’s not recommended.

The 3 main roles that should be assigned are: The Treasurer, the Secretary and the Chairman.


The chairman is the leader of the committee. They have the last say on everything but also bear the responsibility should things go wrong.


  • Have an overview and create an action plan for the planning of the ball
  • Set deadlines
  • Keep the team motivated
  • Delegate jobs
  • Be the main point of contact for external companies


The treasurer is in charge of the money. They should be able to budget, run spreadsheets and have a good head for figures.


  • Figure an accurate and managable budget
  • Ensure that the budget is adhered to
  • Track ticket sales


The secretary ensures that all team members are communicating effectively.


  • Organise team meetings
  • Take minutes and keep an accurate record of ideas & plans
  • Be the main point of contact for society members
  • Handle minor problems


Communication within the committee is key. Ideally, schedule a meeting once or twice a week in the months leading up to the Ball. If this isn’t possible, have regular email communication and ensure you always know what is on everyone’s to-do list so that nothing gets forgotten.

With good communication it is entirely possible to organise a fantastic prom in little more than a week.


Once the main positions are assigned it’s important to adhere to the chain of command. The Chairman should delegate tasks to the other team members and set deadlines. Why not use the subheadings on the left as your tasks and have each of you take responsibility for a few?

Once research has been undertaken, plan a meeting to review what each person has found out and vote on the options.

It is quicker to have only one person doing the initial research for each particular task than sharing a task between two; the time for input from others will come later at the decision making stage. It’s a good idea to have one person responsible for liaising with the venue, as it is less confusing for venue staff and will help you on the night.

Targets & Deadlines

So as to avoid last-minute rushes and hasty decisions, make sure that you allocate enough time for decision making and the lengthy debates that will ensue. If you read through this entire guide carefully and don’t miss any sections out then you should be well on the way to having everything done on time.


Why not ask last years team how they did things if they’re still around? It could be a quick way to save yourself a lot of time and stress as well as ensure that your event is a great success.

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