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The best prom dress you’ll never wear

The Fluid Dress has got to be the most beautiful dress ever created. It’s an incredibly complex collection of plastic tubing threaded to make a surprising well formed dress with glow in the dark dye pumped through it.

Just look at how it pulsates to the music, it’s the perfect stand out party dress. Except it isn’t because you won’t be able to wear it any time soon. It’s been a long term project for the creator and the dress itself seems to have taken more than a year to make with 600ft of tubing. There’s also the small issue of the pump system (and power) you need attached to you at all times; in real life your look may come off more as ‘kidney patient on dialysis’ than ‘mesmerising dancing future-girl’.

It’s going to be a few years before you’ll be able to buy a wearable version of this so here’s a challenge… try making a DIY version. This isn’t as crazy as it sounds. It’s often possible to pick up glow sticks pretty cheaply, especially in bulk. With some careful stitching you could add little pouches to a dress to accomodate glow sticks, shaping them on your dress. This idea isn’t going to be for everyone out there but if you’re crafty, want to stand out and be certain nobody else will have your same dress then it might just be perfect.

Any ideas on how to make this idea work? Share it with us below!

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  1. Josie says:

    Looks like there are some cool light-up dresses you can wear already!

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