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The 10 best rock songs for prom

If you’re the type of prom goer who likes your music a bit heavier the chances are that the music at your prom will have you cringing, not dancing. A good school prom playlist should have music for everyone so in case you’re planning on fighting your musical corner with the prom committee here are 10 amazing songs that will get everyone dancing.

We’ve put all the songs we could find into a special Spotify playlist you can get here and don’t forget to choose your favourite song at the bottom!

10. Teenage dirtbag-Wheatus

Wow. The fashion in this has not aged well. That aside, this is a song that everybody is guaranteed to know and like. And it’s about prom, it’s a no brainer!

9. Andrew WK-Party Hard

When Andrew WK first came out he wasn’t exactly popular, parents complained he looked like a drug addict and kids thought he was cheesy. Nowadays, everybody accepts that the man is a total legend and this song is the ultimate party song. Listen. Mosh.

8. Paramore-Brick by boring brick

Disagree with us if you like but we reckon every boy wants to go out with Hayley from Paramore, every girls wants to be her. This song is easily their best.

7. Blink 182-The rock show

Before Travis Barker was doing Lucozade adverts with Tinie Tempah he was in the band that made Punk Rock mainstream, Blink 182. Represent his roots with this song.

6. Panic at the Disco-I write sins not tragedies

Possibly more on the emo side of things than real rock but it’s heavy enough for you to enjoy and not so heavy it’ll scare off your classmates!

5. Fall Out Boy-Grand Theft Autumn

Did you know that Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy first noticed and signed Panic At The Disco? That’s the only reason this song pips Panic to the 5th spot…

4. Me vs Hero-Can you count, suckers?

Heavy and happy, this is the proof that shouty music doesn’t have to be miserable. Every note evokes awesome summer memories.

3. Down With Webster – Rich Girl$

Maybe you know a girl like her, maybe you are her, maybe you just love this song. Down With Webster are Canadian and pretty unknown over here but there’s no reason not to play it at a UK prom.

2. Refused-New Noise

Remember Rage Against the Machine’s Christmas success with Killing In The Name? New Noise is similarly epic with a slow build up that gradually morphs into a bouncy beast of a song before a full on rock eruption towards the end. It’s a miracle Refused never became as famous as some of their contemporaries. Just listen out for the WOOO!

1. Bring Me The Horizon-Chelsea Smile-Cut Up!

The top spot has to go this absolute banger from Bring Me The Horizon. They’re one of the best truly heavy bands around right now and consistently put out great music. They released a remixed album of Suicide Season called Cut Up which introduced a dance flavour. It’s got a filthy bass line that means everyone in your class no matter their music tastes will lose it when this track comes on.

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