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Promaholic Poppy’s tips-Choosing the perfect venue

Welcome to a new section from Poppy LeMar. She’s in the middle of organising her Sixth Form prom in Central London. She’s such an expert we’ve asked her to blog for us in the coming months to share her advice and learn from her problems and triumphs…

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39 Days.
9 Hours.
36 Minutes.
42 Seconds.

That’s how long I have till my Yr13 leavers’ prom, and the last thing I’m worried about is my dress. My 6th form prom is my event of the year. I was the first person to buy my prom ticket, number 001. I doubt I will even be able to get ready at home, let alone go to the salon to get my hair done. That’s because I am organising it. I was awarded the job in February 2010, after gaining the position as ‘Social Secretary’ aka Prom Organiser. I was delighted.

Fast-forward to September 2010. The school prom is dancing around at the back of my mind, its almost midnight, I’m on the computer and decide to casually browse some venues. I found a venue comparison site (I advise you to use one, they’re a big time saver) a few venues had small appeal, some none at all. I click the next link on the page. I had found the prom venue. It was love at first sight.

Amadeus centre little venice prom venue

The Amadeus in Little Venice

I again had surrendered to my personality. I strive to have the best of the best. I don’t like to be compared to anything, and I do like to get my own way, which luckily I generally manage to get it. The prom venue was expensive, but I loved it. I showed some people to get opinions, everyone agreed my choice was spectacular. Yet I knew I was going to be questioned about price by teachers. I needed people on side, and I needed them on side quick!

So when you’re looking for your venue remember some of these things-they will make your life easier, I promise!

Does your school have contacts from previous years? You may get a loyalty discount!

How far away is it? Remember to measure the distance from your school, not your personal address!

What facilities do they have? If you want food and drinks at your prom you will need a kitchen, or preparation space. You may need a bar. Do you want a cloakroom? One room or more?

What is the venue’s hire policy? Not all venues will take a booking for a high school prom and some will only do it if there are a sufficent amount of staff. If the venue don’t want to hire it out due to the nature of the event, stay calm, and try to negotiate if you’re set on it but stop and think…do you want to work with people like that?

What do other guests think? Just because you like it doesn’t mean everyone will, make sure there is a positive response from your peers.

What’s it going to set you back? Be realistic! This will be the major dent in your budget!

Have you got alternative choices and dates? Have more than one choice, have 3 or 4 over all, as your first may not be able to cater to you.

And if you only do one thing, please visit your venue before you book! I am begging you, visit the venue in person. Pictures on the webpage may be pretty, but they can also be deceptive!

If you need more help, Promaholics have a free guide to organising a prom called “The Ball Guide” which has everything you need to know and can be downloaded here.

Want my personal help? Send me an email with the subject “Prom” to

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