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Prom movie review

After weeks of waiting, last night I finally got a chance to watch Prom. Did it live up to expectations? You bet!

It’s got something for everyone; if you were excited about your prom before, you’ll be at breaking point after watching this. Not that excited and dragged to this by your mates? I guarantee you’ll leave understanding why prom is special for everybody. It might be dressed up in slightly cloying American sweetness and optimism but there’s no question it’ll rub off on you.

The film follows a group of highschool friends in the run-up to their prom. Nova Prescott is the head of her prom committee and totally sold on the absolute importance of the night. Some of her helpers are rather less so and nobody more than school bad-boy Jesse Richter (heart-throb Thomas McDonell). After Jesse gets on the wrong side of his headteacher he’s forced to help Nova prepare for prom night after a fire burns down all of the original decorations. They’re equally unhappy to work with each other but before long, Nova starts to develop feelings for Jesse.

thomas mcdonell, aimee teegarden, prom

She loves it. He hates it. We love him!

What’s great about the film is the variety of characters, from the super cool to the super nerdy. Everybody gets their story told and you’re sure to identify with somebody. My favourite? Rolo, a super chilled out guy who’s got a wild imagination… or does he? He’ll keep you laughing throughout the film; he deserves a show of his own!

Prom review

Rolo & Co. finishing the prom decorations

Other highlights are the fashion; there are some amazing prom dresses in this film. In one scene, Nova drags Jesse prom dress shopping, every mans worst nightmare but every girls dream. She tries one beautiful dress on after another while Jesse comes out with the immortal line “Tuxedos are the ultimate symbol of conformity that a bunch of other guys have already sweated in”. Pretty much sums up the boy/girl divide in prom excitement eh?

prom dress, prom movie

Prom dress galore!

If you’re planning a prom, you’re going to get some great inspiration from this film. The Starry Night theme is simple but really effective and cheap to replicate; you can be sure plenty of prom committees will be trying this out next year. The Slushy Fountain that forms the centre-piece of the theme is an amazing idea for non-alcoholic proms that takes the decoration to a whole new level.

What the audience thought

prom movie review, prom film review
After the film we spoke to Aileen and Carolein, two students who have their own prom coming up next year. They loved it and were surprised that it was a lot funnier than they expected. Carolein said that it had given her new ideas for her school prom and she was even more excited about the whole thing now. The verdict on Thomas McDonnell? The best thing about the film!

We’d love to know what you thought about the film. Let us know in our poll.

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  1. Nigel says:

    Thanks for doing this review but it seems like the film wasn’t on in the cinemas near me! 🙁

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