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Prom Film Premiere in Hollywood

We’ve still got 14 days to wait until Prom is released in the UK but over in the states it’s already out and there was a massive premiere to celebrate it. All of the stars of the film were there in some great outfits you can check out below including some people you might not have expected to see! In case you were wondering, the reviews have been great . According to Box Office Magazine it’s “A surprise for those expecting a watered-down High School Musical, Prom is a highly entertaining original movie that’s funny, touching and real.” Read on to see some of our favourite pictures from the opening night!

Would you please witness the fitness of Thomas Mcdonell on the red carpet? Aimee Teegarden is looking super pretty in a floor length grecian style silver gown but if anything that just makes us more jealous that she’s got Thomas Mcdonell as her date! It seems churlish to point out his shoes are scruffy and that his trousers don’t match the jacket when he’s wearing the look so well.

Jesse Richter Thomas Mcdonell and Nova Prescott Aimee Teegarden Prom.jpg

Beautiful couple much?

Meanwhile Kylie Bunbury, who plays popular girl, Jordan went for a plain party dress, steering clear of the Prom dress theme. We think she missed an opportunity here, what’s a red carpet for if not going all out on an over the top dress?

Kylie Bunbury Jordan Lundley Prom film premiere

Kylie keeping it pure and simple in white

Janelle Ortiz (gossip crazy Ali) and Yin Chang (one half of the film’s perfect couple) look really cute together in two great dresses. Janelle’s dress makes the most of her assets without being too over the top in a beautifully detailed blue dress while Yin Chang looks ethereal in a floaty gown.

Janelle Ortiz Ying Chang Prom Film Movie Disney

Best buds

Our prize for the most glam on the night goes to Danielle Campbell who plays the recently blossoming girl Simone in the movie. Judging by her look now, she’s well and truly blossomed. It’s a gorgeous dress and her hair is perfect. Something tells us she’d not be waiting long to be asked to dance at a real prom. Notice the massive ring on her left hand too, nice accesorising!

Danielle Campbell prom dress film

Yes, I'm really pretty, No, I don't have a date

If you’re like us you might not have ever head of Jojo and Wo from new band Mona Lisa. We’re featuring them here though for their great effort in wearing proper prom dresses for the red carpet and picking outfits that suit them perfectly.

Jojo Wo Mona Lisa Prom movie premiere

THIS is how to wear a prom dress

Recognise this girl?

Rebecca Black prom

Public enemy no.1 seen in public!

Yes, it’s poor Rebecca Black, victim of the biggest bullying campaign the world has ever seen. We’re glad to see she was out looking really happy. Not so sure about the dress though, don’t you think it’s a bit shapeless?

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