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My School Prom-BBC 3

Did anybody else see the My School Prom show on BBC 3 the other night?  It’s still on iPlayer for a few more days here.

It was great to see a whole hour long programme on the subject we’re all about but I wish it could have been on a bit closer to when people are actually planning for their prom. The different year 11s filmed made a pretty good dos and don’ts we can all learn from. There was a real mix of people on the show; predictably there was the spoilt girl, Mia, whose parents were going all out to give her everything she wanted but another who was doing prom on a budget. I don’t know about you but I thought the night will have meant a lot more for the girl who used to be a bit of a wild child at school.

Mia had been bought 3 prom dresses for her night after she kept finding others that were even more perfect than the last. I know some peoples jaws will have dropped at this (ok, mine did a bit!) but they were amazing dresses. I think the second prom dress was better than the one she eventually plumped for though. How does the girl with 3 dresses get to prom? With 3 different modes of transport! She entered the party ‘Sweet 16’ style, side saddle on a horse and it all looked really glamorous until she needed someone to lift her up to get her off again.

Half Kashmiri Bradley wanted to show off his background with his ride and he came in on a rickshaw. I have been to a LOT of proms and I’ve never seen somebody come on a rickshaw so points to him on that one. He also had some bhangra drummers play for him as he turned up to the venue, this was an awesome idea.

We all know that guys don’t tend to put in as much effort as the girls for prom and the private school guy on the show epitomised that. He took 15 minutes to get ready for his prom and only spent £15 on a bow-tie, getting by on hand me downs for everything else.

Can you believe that the average prom spend is £450 though?! Do you think it’s mad spending that much on one night or do your reckon it’s worth it because it really is a once in a lifetime party?

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