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Lezderella, you shall go to the Prom!

For all the good things America brings us (My Super Sweet 16, Glee and….well…proms) it also has a lot of rubbish that we should be grateful in England we’re less prone too. The bigoted right has struck again in the case of Constance McMillen, a gay student who was banned from bringing her date to prom.

There’s an interesting take on it over at

The latest news is that there will be a private prom that she can attend. I’d hesitate from calling it good news because who’s actually benefited from this? Constance will have incurred the wrath of all her fellow pupils when the prom was initially cancelled and it’s a tragic state of affairs when a school can get away with cancelling a prom after pissing all over the rights of a student whose only crime was to fancy other girls.

I’d like to say that this is less likely to happen in the UK but after a gay couple got turned away from a B&B the other day ( it’s clear that some British people are also stuck in the dark ages. It’s our generation that have the power to grow up and consign this horrid anachronism to history but it starts now. Look out for similar discrimination at your school and stand up for yourself or your gay friends now.

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