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Lady Gaga outfits-Prom dress inspiration!

Lady Gaga’s outfits? Few would argue with the common wisdom that they’re totally mental. Think about Fashion Week though; catwalks and super models all wearing mad creations that you’ll never see on the street. For most of us, these clothes aren’t something we’re meant to copy, instead it’s the details that will find their way into your school. The type of material, the cut, the way it’s fashioned and the colours are all a source of inspiration for the fashion editors and designers seated by the runway.

Similarly, you’d never want to wear a Lady Gaga dress to your prom but look at the general trends in her outfits and you’ll find plenty to inspire you when searching for your perfect prom dress. Here are five that we’ve come up with to get you going…

Velvet and Claret

lady gaga outfit red dress

Gaga at the Monster Cable Showcase

Gaga channels her individuality in this dress through a claret colour that you don’t often see. It’s classy and pretty timeless so it’s a brilliant colour to try out for your prom dress. It looks as if the outfit is almost velour. If you want to try a similar look, velvet is a great material if you want to wear something a little bit retro and the fact that it’s pretty heavy makes it a good choice for a winter prom. We suggest trying something like this out fit from vintage stockist Natasha Bailie.

Lady gaga outfit ruffle dress

The detailing in this dress is really beautiful and probably super expensive. Ruffles have been popular this season, they mix classy and cutesy in a way few other looks can. Our suggestion for a prom dress that draws on the style while being a lot less OTT is this amazing outfit from French connection.

ruffle dress lady gaga style

French Connection Jumping Junior ruffle dress

You can track that dress down here.

Wearing white
lady gaga outfit

We’re into batty Lady Gaga outfits with this dress. Perhaps avoid the white christmas tree look and take the key message from this dress; white looks great, especially where it bunches up in folds. White isn’t too common in UK school proms but it’s a great look nonetheless. Try something like this dress that exudes Grecian gown, available on Amazon.

Alternatively, if you’re dead set on really standing out why not just copy the exact outfit? Instructions in this YouTube vid!


Can you see my boobs in this?

We’re not suggesting for a minute that you should wear something quite as see through to your prom. Lace is a classic though and pretty hot too. There’s so much choice for a lace inspired dress but our pick is this amazing Asda prom dress for just £12!


Lady Gaga dress outfit

Super comfy chair guys!

This beautiful McQueen dress has got to be one of the nicest outfits Gaga has worn in recent years. Gold is a brilliant idea for any party and a gold prom dress is the ultimate in stand out fashion. This ASOS number is absolutely stunning and good value at £45.
Gold prom dress

Any other ideas for her outfits that would translate well to prom wear? Let us know!

Lady Gaga

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