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Harry Potter Prom theme

Christmas is drawing near once more and with it comes another Harry Potter movie, bang on cue. Winter Balls are really popular this year and we get all warm just thinking of getting inside in the warmth for amazing Christmas parties. Watching the trailer for The Deathly Hallows yesterday we realised how amazing a Harry Potter Prom would be. There are so many areas for inspiration from the decor to the fashion. In The Goblet of Fire there was the amazing Yule Ball at the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament that’s a good starting point for inspiration. Check it out now!

Wishing you went to Hogwarts yet? Here are some ideas on getting the night perfect…

Getting the word out

To get started, create some posters. The good news is it’s really easy to get your hands on Harry Potter fonts (see Print the details onto your page before giving it an ‘olde-fashioned’ look by burning the edges and staining it coffee coloured. Throw in a bit of gold leaf (available from craft shops for less than you’d think) to really make it stand out. You could get some buzz going by rolling them up and attaching them to strategically placed owls around the school too. Nothing gets people excited like a bit of mystery.

If you’ve got the time you could package the tickets as howlers like this:

These look stunning and are really easy (and cheap) to make. All you need are red envelopes and ribbon then a wax stamp with gold wax.

The decorations

There are a few different sets that would make an amazing backdrop for your prom but we think the best choices are the great hall at Hogwarts or the Yule Ball theme.

Cast your mind back to everybody sitting at dinner at Christmas on those huge wooden tables and the floating candles. Replicate the atmosphere with low lighting and candle sticks partly burned to look rustic on the tables. If your school get funny about the safety of using candles you could use electric ones instead. If the location of your prom isn’t very old fashioned you might want to cover the walls in rich dark reds and browns. Complete the effect with hanging banners for each of the houses. Finding a friend who’s good with a needle and thread to make a Gryffindor crest shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Yule Ball prom theme is super festive. Drape tables and walls in silver cloth that can be picked up cheaply from fabric shops. Why not get some plastic christmas trees and spray them in some of that fake snow you get in pound shops? You can probably find cheap electric candle christmas lights to go with it too!

The details

It just takes a few extra details to add a bit of a wow factor and make the night really special. Put bowls on the table filled with Jelly Belly beans like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Freddo Frog’s cost just 10p and will pass for the Chocolate Frogs in the books; throw some in there too.

If you’re going for the whole Yule Ball, icy look and have enough money in your budget think about an ice sculpture. The company should be able to make whatever design you want and if you get a luge you can even drink from it. Imagine ice cold fruit cocktail trickling off a Dumbledore sculpture.

Chocolate fountains are always popular and you can specifically request white chocolate; that would fit in really well with the theme. Remember; it’s all about the details!

Prom King & Queen

This is such a great theme for couples because there are so many awesome pairings in the Harry Potter novel. When it comes to choosing the prom king and queen you could substitute them for a Harry Potter and Hermione. Mind you, remember RPattz plays Cedric Diggory and I think the truth is most of us would rather he was taking us to prom.

What do you think of our ideas? Have any others to make the perfect potter prom? More to follow soon on Harry Potter prom fashion!

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