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Harry Potter Prom fashion

Yesterday I got a bit excited with the idea of a Harry Potter prom and ended up writing more than I meant to.  Well as promised, here is your follow up on Harry Potter fashion you might actually want to wear!

Admit it, your first thought was probably much the same as mine.  Girls dressed in geeky school uniforms in particularly horrible colours and guys going for the nerd look with smashed glasses and maybe a wand.   Just like my fashion transformation from the awful track suits I wore with a pony tail as a kid, the HP kids have also been gradually more On Trend.  Dare I say it, Potter himself almost looks hot in the later movies every now and then.  Right….where was I?  Back to the Yule Ball scene now for a catch up.

First impressions?  The ladies from Beaux Batons look absolutely FIERCE!  I know it’s most girls prom nightmare to wear the same dress as somebody else but those French style icons are rocking a look there.

Here we have the beautiful Fleur Delacour wearing a demure powder blue dress with a hot multiple collared look. Take my advice though and ditch the hat if you want to try a similar look.

Although you barely see it in the film, it turns out that Fleur also appears in a ball gown and it’s pretty stunning. Have a look here at what looks like a production still.

Like so much of French fashion this is a very simple and elegant style made to look really classy with the embroidery on the chest. Notice too how she sets it off with the extravagant hair piece; you can get away with that if the dress isn’t over the top. You can see from the guy in this image the style for all of the men at the ball. Tuxedo and white tie. It seems a bit unfair on guys that while we get such a big choice of what to wear to posh parties (and the dilemmas that causes) they basically get to wear a suit or a suit. One of the few areas a guy can show some flair is with his tie and I’ve always thought a white tie makes a dinner jacket look even smarter.

On to miss “Look at How I’ve Blossomed” now with a peak at her dress.

Now, I think we can all agree she looks really pretty in this. Personally, I think it’s a little too girly and flouncy. Prom is about the end of an era at school and growing up. You can see it as a goodbye to your childhood or a hello to a new mature you. With this dress Hermione still looks like a girl whereas I like to think a prom dress should mark you out as a woman. It’s actually pretty easy to find this dress online with a quick Google search if you do like it but look out because some of the replicas are absolutely disgusting and cost a fortune! Her earrings are pretty cute pink flowers and these might be a safer bet.

Find them here.
Any other costumes you’ve seen that you think would work well at prom? Know where to find an outfit? Discuss it below!

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3 Responses to " Harry Potter Prom fashion "

  1. Rob says:

    Wow, what great timing with the new movie just being released!

  2. Prom Queen says:

    That's what we thought. I can't actually remember if there's a dance in the last book because it'd be cool to do an update. I think they'd left school by this point though so I guess not.

  3. Panchita says:

    I want to see qher hairstyle

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