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Gypsy Prom Dress-Get the look!

We’ve blogged before about just how much we love Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and the amazing dresses on the show. American prom dresses are totally over the top and share a lot in common with the style. You can even order them online, saving you a trip to Nico’s in Liverpool for a day with Thelma!

We’ve picked out some prom dresses that we think capture the gypsy look and style. Have a scroll through then vote in the poll to say if it’s a good look or totally trashy.

Mori Lee are the queens of totally extravagant prom dresses and this one manages to combine renaissance high fashion with a more modern gypsy prom look.

Mori Lee Prom Dress uk

Renaissance Gypsy Dress

This is another Mori Lee number but has a bit more of a traditional Gypsy dress feel with the ruffled material. There’s a reason flamenco dancers have similar flouncy dresses; it’ll look amazing when you hit the dance floor.

Gypsy Prom Dress

Not so sure about the colour on this one...

This is one of the few gypsy prom dresses you don’t need to be really brave to wear. It’s pretty simple on the whole but channels the look with the huge skirt that puffs out enough to leave your friends in no doubt where you got the inspiration.

Red mori lee gypsy prom dress

This is wearable right?

If those aren’t big enough for you, how about this Jovani dress?

Jovani prom dress UK

The teachers didn't realise she was smuggling her friends in underneath

Finally, this dress available on
may not be as big as others but certainly fits the colour scheme!

ugly gypsy prom dress


Gypsy Prom Dresses- Lush look or totally trashy?

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3 Responses to " Gypsy Prom Dress-Get the look! "

  1. saoirse says:

    i luv deez dressez, der soo nyc. relli want 1 lyk dis4 ma prom, cum on girlz will ya elp me find a ded nice 1?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Georgia says:

    OMG i love deez dresses im defo getting one for my prom !!!xxx

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