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Good Dress/Bad Dress

Another new feature starting today. Every week we’ll pick out a dress that’s caught our eye for all the right reasons and another that’s caught if for the wrong ones.

Good Dress

We’re loving Debenhams prom dresses at the moment. They’re fashionable, far easier to find than boutique labels and best of all, really good value! This redherring for Debenhams prom dress is sophisticated without being too constricting to get your dance on. The detailing around the chest is particularly nice; there’s a hint of a bow shape and it’s just a little bit cutesy. The cost? Just £40!

Bad Dress

In case there was any confusion, an outfit like this should never be seen outside of a circus. It’s a little reminiscent of Britney’s outfit in the Toxic video while somehow managing to be even more revealing and less classy. Congratulations to this lady for becoming the first ever Promaholics bad dress loser.

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