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Glee Prom Episode

As school prom season is fast approaching, Glee seriously got us in the mood with their prom episode. And oh my goodness what an episode, we have to say it’s our favourite so far and not just because it was prom themed.
glee prom
It had all the ingredients for a great prom, the obligatory pre prom break-up, the overweight girl who doesn’t have a date and the totally essential plan to spike the punch.
But what made this episode so great and promtastic was firstly the fact that the Glee club were asked to sing at prom and secondly the race for prom King and Queen.

In the weeks up to prom the various couples on the show were fighting it out with campaigns to win the crown. We were rooting for Puck and Lauren to win it because that would have been amazing don’t you think? The rebel and the overweight girl beating the pretty couple. Yes please.
Anyway it all really kicks off with the return of Jesse St.James. Finn is far from happy when he finds out he’s going to prom with Rachel and it ends in a fight on the dance floor leaving Quinn alone and crownless. And she slaps Rachel, Oh! The Drama!

We won’t give away who actually gets the crown just in case you haven’t seen it but trust us it’s as high drama as you would hope from Glee.

Finally the tunes are simply amazing in this episode. There’s Rachel singing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep with Jesse, Artie, Puck and Sam rock out to Rebecca Black’s Friday and somehow make it seem cool. And then to top it all Santana and Mercedes end it all by belting out Abba’s Dancing Queen. Could it get any better than that?

All we can say is we wish all proms were so drama-filled and gleeful! What did you all think about it? And btw is Finn going to get back with Rachel? Fingers crossed.

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