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Coleen Rooney Prom Dresses

It’s been reported in the papers today that Coleen Rooney is designing clothes for Littlewoods. It might not be your first thought for prom fashion but they’ve been making great dresses for a while now and they’re good value at around £70.

Coleen rooney prom dress

Coleen Rooney-style goddess?

She might not be an obvious choice as a fashion designer but she’s definitely worn enough fancy clothes (as well as some butters ones!) to have some idea of what looks good. Her new pieces don’t appear until 25th February so for now we can only guess what her prom dresses will look like. Luckily, we can have a pretty good idea what they’ll look like because she’s been picking out clothes from old Littlewoods lines for a while now that she likes. Apparently “Coleen Chooses” this cute dress below and that bodes well for the new collection.

littlewoods prom dress

That dress is £74 and you can even pay in weekly instalments of £1.44 that makes it easier if it’s coming out of your allowance. Just be careful about building up too much of a debt on clothing! There are already a few pictures from the new collection and it’s looking very promising.

Although it’s not specifically a prom dress this classy, slightly vintage dress would work well.

vintage prom dress

This dress is a bit more flashy and would look great on the dance floor with lots of ruffles to flounce up.

Coleen prom dress

It’s a bit early to say for sure but in about ten days we’ll see the final collection and we’re already optimistic there’s going to be some awesome prom dresses in it.

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