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Choosing the right DJ

It’s really important when looking for suppliers and services for your prom that you get the right people. For different events there will be different “right” people – depending on the location, the style and theme of the event you’re planning and the general atmosphere you wish to create.

One of the things that can totally change the feel of a place is the music. Some music is “marmite” music – you either love it or you hate it. It’s best to avoid this entirely unless you can justify it (eg. Classical Chamber music is disliked by a lot of people, but is perfectly in-character with certain themes and venues and so would be a good choice – hardcore death metal on the other hand doesn’t really go well with most typical themes and so is probably best avoided, at least until later in the evening!)

Recently some of our staff attended an event where it became quickly apparent that the organisers of the event hadn’t fully checked out the DJ – what would have been a wonderfully relaxing evening in a beautiful suite overlooking the pitch at a well known football ground was ruined as soon as the DJ took over from the band.

The music was not at all in keeping with the nature of the evening – techno, trance and other niche dance music, played at high volume right through dinner (making conversation on the other side of the room difficult and so loud it even made some people ill!) It quickly became apparent that the DJ was a nightclub DJ rather than an events specialist and as such had neither the appropriate music library nor the ability to interact with a sophisticated crowd or accept requests.

One of the movie cliches involving celebrations is the DJ who is out of touch with their audience – often shown singing along to cheesy tunes, not accepting requests and having a spectacular ability to clear a dance floor in 10 seconds flat.

Tip for the day – ask for a set list from your DJ and check there are a good mix of the kinds of music you want for your event.

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