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Cheap prom dresses

It’s only 3 minutes long but this BBC News piece is an excellent introduction to sorting out an amazing prom dress for £10! Although it’s looking at wedding dresses all of the tips apply equally well to prom dresses.

Check it out here…

So what do they suggest?

1. Hit the jumble sales.
These are often advertised around your town on in the local paper. It might cost a quid or two to get in but it’s worth it for the bargains. When you’re there you’ll have a huge choice of random clothes that you can either customise to your liking or you may get lucky and find your perfect dress. If it needs freshening up, wash it according to the care label and put in loads of fabric conditioner; that’ll have it feeling as good as new.

2. Fabric shops.
If you’ve got the skills (or your parents do!) why not make your own prom dress? Our top-tip is to spend an afternoon in an Indian area going around all of the amazing sari shops. They have huge selections of every type of fabric imaginable; there are some stunning prints and they’re often really cheap. Often there’ll be somebody in there who could make the dress to a pattern for a small fee if you’re not up to the task yourself. You can find dress patterns online for hundreds of different styles. Some of our favourite places to go are Sparkbrook in Birmingham which has more fabric shops than you can imagine and the East End of London. Beware though, when you get looking at the mountains of fabric in some of these places you might get totally overwhelmed! Check out this mad stockroom we saw in a shop on Brick Lane…

Prom Dress Fabric

The Alladin's Cave of fabric shops

3. Charity shops.
You might have had bad experiences in the past with charity shops, we know we have but it’s all about going to the right ones. The trendier the area, the better the clothes will be inside. Oxfam have even started opening “boutique” versions of their shops; see if you can find one near you at their website

4. Ask around.
You never know if somebody has an old dress they don’t want or some fabric that would be perfect for the dress. We would have thought making a dress out of curtains would be crazy had we not just seen the video. Her dress looks amazing by the end of it. Think of friends who are a year above you in school or had their prom earlier than you, you could wear their dress for a second time and nobody would know!

Thanks to our friend Rob at the prom photographers Peasy Photos for letting us know about the vid! Let us know below if you have any tips for getting a cheap dress.

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