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Celebrity prom stories


So you’re thinking of not going to prom? What’s all the fuss about I hear you saying? Well, trust us when we say this is one night you’d be a fool to miss out on. Everyone goes to prom, and when we say everyone we mean everyone and those who don’t whinge about it as you’ll find out below, as we share with you some of our fave celeb prom thoughts….

Who would have thought super sexy werewolf Taylor Lautner went to his prom! Quashing rumours that only girls get excited about proms he said: “ I was excited, I was really excited. You always watch a prom in movies growing up, and then it’s like, “Oh, wow, I’m at prom!” It was a cool experience.”

Even sophisticated and achingly cool actress Taylor Momsen who plays Jenny in Gossip Girl and is the last person we would expect to go to prom went and advises you all to do the same “Go [to prom]! I don’t live a traditional life, so I’m glad I went. It’s an important life stepping stone that everyone should experience.”

Poor Vanessa Hudgens, Gabriella from HSM, reveals that she never got to go to prom and the only one she did go to was the one in HSM 3, how sad is that? Well, actually it’s not too bad cos in real life Zac Efron wouldn’t be your prom date! She said : “I was always home-schooled, so I never got to go to my own prom because I never went to an actual school … This is my prom.”

Words by Fay Strang

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