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Black Swan Feather Prom Dress

Ladies, stop your search for we have found the most on trend Prom Dress of 2011, guaranteed.

I present you with…the feather dress!

Black Swan Feather Prom Dress

Feather Prom Dress

Everybody has been crazy for Black Swan since it came out and the fashion in it had us dribbling throughout! One of the most powerful scenes in the movie sees Natalie Portman going all out dancing on the stage before sprouting feathers that turn into full grown wings. It’s a breathtaking moment and so we’re more than a little excited that there’s a dress that taps into the fashion so well. It’s made by the super chic American prom dress manufacturer Jovani. You might have guessed the main drawback with this dress; it costs £1500 and that’s not including the sky high shipping prices to the UK.

We love a bargain and wondered if it’s possible to make a DIY version of the dress without looking like a dirty pigeon that’s fallen on hard times. Happily, the amazing Love Maegan fashion blog has a walkthrough on how to make one of your own. The secret is using feather boas apparently!

We’d love to see if you have any success making your own version of this dress. Send us in a photo and we’ll do a feature on it.

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  1. denise says:

    what is the price of the swan dress.i need a size 910 for my daughter. the first child to go to college.


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