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Betsey Johnson Prom Dress Perfection

After getting excited about the range of Betsey Johnson prom dresses we made a fashion pilgrimage to their shop in central London last night. They only have one UK store so if you want to try your dress before you buy it you might want to do the same. Sure enough, there’s already a framed picture of K-Pizzle in that amazing dress up in the window!

They told us that the cute/punky look of the dress range is super popular with prom goers and they’re already getting busy with girls coming in for fittings. We weren’t surprised to learn that people are coming from all over the country to the store in Covent Garden to find their perfect prom dress. According to Lindsay who works on the shop floor, the sequined dresses are really popular this year.

Here are a couple of our sequined favourites:

Betsey Johnson sequin prom dress

This is a fairly simple style but stands out with that amazing eye-catching sequined top paired with the beautiful tulle on the skirt. We recommend cinching a belt with a few flourishes around the waist to complete the look.

betsey johnson uk

Can’t. Put. Into. Words. How. Beautiful. This. Dress. Is. It combines every trend we love in prom dresses without being OTT. BUY BUY BUY!

Looking for something a bit less traditional? This is a favourite and is the closest in this year’s line to the dress Katy Perry was wearing.

uk prom dress

The only problem with these dresses is the price, they come in at around £350. This is well above most student’s budgets but there’s good news. We saw this dress heavily discounted to about £160 in store along with a few similar styles. Hurry on down there to snap it up if you love it as much as we do!

black prom dress

All of these dresses are also available on the Betsey Johnson website with international shipping if you can’t make it to the London store at 29 Floral Street. Check out the full range online and let us know your favourites!

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