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Crazy prom limos you can hire NOW!

Stretch limos are such a common sight at UK proms that unless you choose carefully, your grand entrance risks being distinctly ordinary. Stretched Hummers and pink Caddys are run-of-the mill nowadays so we tracked down some vehicles that will blow your friends away. Most of these can be hired now; just remember to book them soon because the closer it gets to your prom, the harder it’ll be to find an available car.

1. Fire Engine

There’s a reason a fire engine is red with flashing lights and sirens; it’s impossible to miss. Let’s be honest, this is also the purpose of getting a prom limo, having everyone’s jaw drop at your entrance. It’s totally unexpected because it’s so rare and guaranteed to have your classmates staring at you. Track one down at The Big Red Fire Engine Co.

2. Ambulance

Admittedly, this is totally nuts to turn up to prom in but it’s also pretty cool. Believe it or not it is actually decked out like a limo inside so it’s not as if you’ll be rolled into prom on a gurney! It seats 8 and has 3d lasers, neon lighting and LED message boards. There’s a karaoke machine in the back and best of all, it comes with a suitably uniformed driver! Get it from the same place as above.

3. The Mystery Machine

This is really cute. Whether you were a big fan of Scooby Doo as a kid or just love the psychedelic colours this is definitely going to make heads turn when you pull up at the venue. Ignore the fact it’s advertised for kids parties and hire it here!

4. Tank

Believe it or not you can really hire an actual life size tank to take you to prom. It’s a regular on TV and it’s now been done up inside with slightly more comfy seats and a DVD player. Let’s get this out the way now; you’re not going to be able to get it for less than about £2000 (and it could cost a lot more) but look at it! It’s so massive you could crush your classmates’ bog-standard limos! Get it from Tanks alot.

Remember to always ensure that whoever you book with, they’re licensed and insured. Look out for our article on picking a reputable hire company over the next few days.

Seen something that would be even better? Let us know below!

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