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£450 on prom night?!

One of the surprising things to pop up on My School Prom on BBC3 the other night was that the average spend in the UK for prom is £450. We’ve been to loads of proms and didn’t realise that people were spending this much.

It’s pretty common for parents to pay for the costs of things but I know some of you will be paying yourself or contributing some money towards it. Fitting a job in around school can be difficult and if you’re anything like us, trudging the streets, delivering papers is not your idea of fun. So….here are the patented Promaholics top 3 ways of making money without getting a job (nothing illegal involved)!

1. Sell your old clothes on eBay
We at Promaholics are big ones for charity but giving last season’s clothes to Oxfam ain’t going to buy you a new dress for prom. Flog it online, earn some cash!

2. Get sponsored
People don’t think twice about sponsoring each other for a good cause. I know I get asked every 5 minutes to sponsor somebody going bungee jumping/parachuting/surfing into a volcano (ok I made the last one up). Anyway, think up some crazy thing to do that people will be happy to sponsor you for and use the cash for the night. I bet your parents will be happier to give you money this way than just handing over the cheddar.

3. Make stuff, sell it
How many of you have been told by your mates you’ve really got a talent for something? Make some money out of it! If you can make birthday cards, sell them. Customise your own clothes? Make like Lily Allen and find a local shop to sell them in! There’s a million different things along these lines you can do and it’s never too early to be an entrepreneur.

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